My journey 

I have been practicing the art of photography over many years as it runs in the family. After having my son in 2017 I really wanted to capture his little details as naturally as I could, this is when I decided it was time to learn more about photography and develop my skills by attending courses and workshops. In 2018 I started my family photography journey and opened a studio called Natural Pure Simple.

After covid 19 hit early into 2020 it became apparent to me that I needed to use the time to gain new skills.  I decided to take my photography journey down a different route, taking on courses and workshops for wedding photography. I then re-branded and named my photography Kate Victoria, that’s me! 

I am all about a natural environment, being natural and just being yourself. My clients always seem to say that they don’t feel like I’m even there, which to me is what natural photography should be about. 

Kate x