Hi I'm Kate. 

My love for photography began with my father he was a wedding photographer for over 30 years. I would often assist him on weddings and take along an old vintage film camera handed down to me by my grandparents, I absolutely loved this side of photography capturing all the behind the scenes raw moments it was a way for me to learn but also spend time with my father. Back then we had a dark room set up in my fathers garage for processing film, I would stay up most of the night waiting patiently to see all the glorious moments I had captured. Now with over a decade of experience my work has since been featured in Vogue.

My philosophy is to capture meaningful moments in a classic and timeless way.

The most important thing in wedding photography for me is your feelings, your emotions and your love. I shoot to capture those natural true moments. It is very important for me to convey the mood and atmosphere of the wedding day, to capture all the moments, details and leave this happy day in your memory.