First off, I truly appreciate you taking the time to get to know me and my work. I’m so flattered that you are drawn to my style of photography.Being a photographer is such an honour, and I feel so privileged I get to make a career from it. I want to be an integral part of making sure your wedding is the best experience. 

Kate x


I prefer to capture honest moments that unfold organically. I am very relaxed and unobtrusive, some of the best feedback I hear from clients is ‘I didn’t notice you were there most of the time’. During the getting ready stage I like to be just one of the girls. I don’t want you to feel awkward having me around which is why I love building a relationship with my couples before-hand.I will be present in the moment with you and your loved ones, I won’t be directing, other than a few suggestions to place you in the best light. I want you to enjoy all the butterflies and excitement of this time so I can capture it for you. And I want the story I create to be honest and true to the feel of the morning. I love details and will capture them in an authentic way. During the ceremony itself, I am completely hands-off. During this sacred time, I focus on capturing emotion and story. After the ceremony I really want you to have time to soak it all in, greet you guests, come down from the adrenaline of the ceremony before we start family formals. I want you to enjoy your wedding! I don’t want you worrying about what is next and where you should be. I want you to bask in the joy of the day and have some time to look around, breathe and take it all in. During the family formals of course I will take charge to get beautiful photos done as smoothly as possible as not to take you away from your reception. While we all want these kinds of photos, we don’t want to spend hours doing them! Couple’s portraits are dictated by the weather and light of the day, this is something for me to think about and nothing for you to worry about. When it comes to portraits, I lightly guide our time but never put you in poses that make you feel uncomfortable. I want to create photographs that when you look back over the images years down the line you are transported back to that time and place, and most importably that feeling. Which is why I won’t be putting you in any cheesy poses that will date with time. I love it when my couples don’t worry about a little mud on the bottom of the dress, this gives us more freedom during portraits. My couples want the story of their wedding day to show the meaningful relationships between them and their partner, and to see the love of their friends and family and are happy soaking up the atmosphere instead of what is going to happen next. I’m not content to be “just another supplier”, I work with clients who are looking for heartfelt & honest moments captured from their day. The reason I love being a wedding photographer is providing that visual reminder of one of the most important days of your lives. I want to create a meaningful experience for you.




Lake Como


Can we meet before the big day? Absolutely! If you are local I’d love to meet you. If not, we can chat via Skype/Facetime to get to know each other before the wedding. If your wedding is destination I always encourage a meeting the day before your wedding. 

When will I receive my photographs? I put up a sneak peek gallery within 36 hours of your wedding date, and your full gallery is available to view online within 6-8 weeks of your wedding date. 

Do you prefer flash photography or natural light? I love both! Natural light produces a mood and feeling that I just love. but when necessary I use flash, I love flash to create those beautiful modern evening shots, knowing when to use both is part of what you hire a professional for. 

Have you ever cancelled a booking or not shown up to a wedding? A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and I take it incredibly seriously. If for some reason I was so ill, or circumstances were so dire that I could not possibly photograph your wedding, I have a backup plan. You would never be left without a photographer. 

We can be awkward and we feel nervous about the couples portraits! We don’t want really posey pictures, is that okay? I feel the same way about heavily posed images. I have so much experience making couples feel comfortable during portraits. I will give you a few prompts but be guided by how you naturally interact with each other so you never feel not yourselves.